Sunday, April 22, 2007

The purpose of a Ninja is to . . . .

Have a look at the new card, "Flipped Out!"


Bartoneus said...

Just wanted to make sure you're aware, not that it should discourage you at all, but there is a mini cardgame based on Hearts that comes inside WoW CG boosters called Ninja vs. Pirate.

I hope it doesn't end up being an issue, but wanted to bring your attention to it. Good work from what I've seen!

Daniel said...

Thanks for you comment. I've actually have played the mini-card game from within the WoW CCG boosters. The difference between the two are quite extensive.

So unless Upper Deck has a legal hold over the name or anything of the sort, I imagine it should be ok. But I guess I would find out soon enough if they did. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to post!

Anonymous said...

Daniel -

Hey man, I just sort of stumbled onto this site. Great idea!

Some things -

1) I read through the instructions, and it's unclear to me when players draw additional cards throughout the game. Did I miss this?

2) I'd recommend creating a PDF of a game board instead of having people play on top of a layer of blank cards. All those cards are just going to slide around the table and get stuck together. You could create a board the size of a sheet of paper (3x3, approximately), so it's easy to print out as many as needed to create a decent playing area.

3) Have you thought about illustrating the cards? My first thought was that you could use royalty-free source material, like 19th century Victorian drawings for the pirates and Japanese prints for the ninjas.

I look forward to seeing you complete the set!


Daniel said...

Thanks for the comments! I am actually rewriting the rulebook. Throughout playtesting we discovered things were not as clear as my little mind thought they were. :)

I originally had the layout card sheet designed for people to use as layout. But creating one designed to be laid out whole is a good idea.

I did think about illustrating them, but I know I can't draw. The royalty free images is a great idea though. Now that the semester is over and I am graduated (hooray) I can put some more refinements into the game. One glaring issue brought up was ink usage for printing. So I plan on reworking the color so your black ink cartridge doesn't cry when you print it.

Thanks again for commenting! This type of feedback is wonderful!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oops! In case it wasn't obvious, that last comment is coming from the same Keith as the earlier one. Sorry! Email me!

Anonymous said...

Along the lines of what bartoneus said... I live in Washington state near Seattle, and I am a graphic designer (Freelance). I was contacted on Wednesday from a friend of mine who does some graphics for Klutz toys. He was mentioning a Pirates Vs. Ninja card game and referred to it as a deck game akin to Magic the gathering or Pokemon. He asked me if I would like to submit some my portfolio since they may be hiring his company to do the design on the cards. They are gearing up for heavy production to launch by January. I emailed him some of my stuff, but haven't heard anything. I was trying to find some info on the web about the project tonight, but can't find anything... I stumbled onto your site though. I would suggest either doing some research and getting your own copyright or think twice about putting alot of time into this idea if another big company might have the concept locked down. Imho. If I hear back about the project I'll link you to any information I get. Cooincidently my name is Daniel too :) I'm doing anon post since my wife is the only blogger in the family :) Good luck with your idea. Maybe Klutz has your house bugged or something lol.

Daniel said...

Thank you for the heads-up about that. I will have to look into that.

Thanks as well Keith, I will drop you a line soon.