Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Real life, eeep!

I know that my last post said I was not dead yet, and it's true. I am not. Unfortunately I have had not as much free time as I had originally hoped once I graduated. But that is mainly due for a couple reasons. One, I got a real job doing Graphic Design and Web Development at Sportsman's Warehouse.

Second, I recently got married at the end of July. So that took up a lot of my time, between getting ready for the wedding, the honeymoon, buying a house, and moving in (which will probably be happening for a long time to come).

I haven't forgotten about my game and I am planning on updating soon. It is probably safe to assume that no one is reading this but I figured I should post something anyways. If you are seeing this, thanks for your support even though I have not provided much for you.